7 07 2010

To the very few people that actually look at this blog, waiting for it to be updated..ive made up another blog with my mate max

I promise this new one will be uploaded alot more than this one haha



1 03 2010

After awhile of not having any wheels to skid on i finally brought a pair of work VSMX 18×11 -17. They fit well, just need to stick smaller tyres on and slap a 5mm spacer behind them.

Finally got off my ass and wired up my headlights the other night aswell

Not long now till i can hit the track again.


9 02 2010

Since the last pics ive had abit of work done which drained my wallet a fair bit more than id liked but i spose its just the way it is.

Car wasnt running good at all so decided to bite the bullet and change the computer to a link g4 storm, this removed the entire engine loom and was replaced with a custom made item to suit. While the car was on the dyno my turbo decided to call it quits so replaced the Blitz k3-450r with a new garrett GT2876R. Also had my injectors high flowed and fuel pump replaced for peace of mind knowing that it would be able to supply the right amount of fuel know matter what.

Got the front end painted black and new wise square, black headlights to set the black off. Im happy with how it turned out.

Once i can afford some more wheels il get some more action shots and post them up.

Getting old, time for a facelift.

1 01 2010

New kid on the block.

16 12 2009

Im real bad at this wordpress thing haha.

Since the last post ive got my new s13 😉 Had a few little teething problems with it but nothing i wasnt expecting really.

My s13 is an ex D1NZ car that was used in the beginning years of competitive drifting in NZ. The car was owned by K-Style car shop and driven by JT. Since then it has been retired to mainly street use for the last couple of years before i decided to step up and buy it.

I was planning on doing abit of competitive drifting in 2010 so thought this car was a perfect stepping stone, being a proven setup.

For now though grassroots trackdays will always be good to go to catch up/talk shit with mates who live in different areas of the country.

Since ive owned it ive done a few bits and pieces, it came with a Garrett disco potato turbo and replaced it with the K3-450R turbo kit that i pulled off my s13.4, replaced the tired coilovers that were in it with my tein suspension and lowered it to a decent height. Ive brought a  pair a 18×12.5″ -1 ssr gairtmeir wheels to skid on and still looking for a set of equips or something. Also brought genuine ganadors, dmax roofwing. Planning on selling the Greddy emanage ultimate thats in it, my power fc d-jetro in favour of buying the latest link g4 ecu and make up a new loom so i dont have to deal with this 20year old loom b.s.

Had a couple of track days since ive owned it and pretty impressed with how the car handles (even with its lack of alignment)

Heres some pics:

Cheers to Keisuke, JC and Roo for the track pics!

Gonna decide on a colour sometime soon and hopefully paint it before i move next year! Got to find another gearbox before next wednesday as ive got a trackday then.

Any comments on what colour? Pretty much decided but everyone likes a vote haha.

R32 Sedan

7 10 2009

Here is my Current R32 Sedan which im hoping to sell sooner than later.

Nothing special really: Rb25det, Tein Adjustable Suspension, Camber and Caster arms, Welded in half cage, Kit etc




Me and Adam from Cs Garage in his Type X

Me and Adam from Cs Garage

Lined up with the Cs Garage boys, have full BN kit but exhaust sat way to far in and looked gay

Lined up


Props to Keisuke for this photo

Me and Fanga

Once again got heaps more photos but not on this computer

Cant wait for my new s13 😀


7 10 2009

Heres my old s13.4 drift car before it got crushed

4 and Rotor Nationals NZ

Had the honour of getting onto speedhunters though 😀



Wasnt just a show pony though, it was thrashed not stashed



Theres a few more but this computer doesnt have them.

Stoked, uploading pics wasnt that hard after all haha